Welcome to our Work Wise Wellness News Update!

This last quarter saw us spending some time with Kohler Mira – a dynamic, forward thinking manufacturer whose success is achieved through great people. The sessions shared with the managers proved to be interactive and engaging! They chose an awesome venue for their conference – Bristol Aerospace. It’s wonderful to see Wellbeing being prioritised in this space and we are delighted to be spending some more time with Kohler Mira in October.

Our work with InterContinental Hotels Group continues. We enjoy partnering with them for their holistic approach to wellbeing – offering training from several recognised wellbeing areas. This month saw us spending a day at their Head Office speaking to colleagues, sharing insight as to what training and support is available to them and how it can help. Team member Freddie, the therapy dog, joined us and proved to be a perfect ice-breaker to having some great conversations.

June welcomed an experience in the Netherlands at a Global Financial Conference talking to 100 delegates about Wellbeing and the link to Resilience. The financial services industry is one that offers high reward but that often comes with a lot of pressure. It is great to see the conversation and insight on Wellbeing offered in this industry. We look forward to returning to working with our client again in November, at their UK Financial Conference.

Working with a team at Mars Wrigley Confectionery has offered such a positive return. They have opted to engage in our material in shorter bursts over a period of months. We are very pro this style as it offers the chance for team members to try things out; reflect and feedback as a group and create new habits for long term sustainable change. A beautiful venue chosen for their offsite experience. We will be revisiting the team in October, this time at their head office and there is the promise of chocolates!

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. If you are doing something to raise awareness at work already – well done! We will be sharing a resource introducing ways to promote Positive Mental Wellbeing. If you would like a copy for yourself or to share with your team please get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to read our update.

Stay well.