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WorkWise Wellness Programs

Developing successful wellbeing strategies is at the heart of what we do. Wellbeing requirements will vary from business to business – the most compelling motivation for us is the results.

Our wellbeing initiatives are guided by our Work Wise Blueprint which encompasses eight wellbeing domains. The different domains mean we recognise many factors that influence our wellbeing, namely Mental and Emotional, Physical, Work Life Balance, Purpose, Happy Talk, Leadership Resilience, Health of your Wealth and a Wellbeing Nugget. To read more about our recognised domains click here.

Time spent with us means interesting and interactive sessions with expert knowledge shared. Our comprehensive insights and learning processes bring renewed energy and focus. Training is offered in various formats, including bite size sessions (90 minutes), half, one and two day sessions and online sessions.

Organisations & SMEs

In a society where we find ourselves under enormous pressure, we are expected to be adaptable, meet expectations and thrive. We can all benefit from Resilience skills and Wellbeing knowledge.

Schools & Community

In support of developing students, the foundation sits with teachers and parents. Having an integrated approach encourages a wellbeing culture within both schools and  communities.

Leadership & Speciality

Through trusted associations we have collaborated on various projects and offerings. This means we give something not only unique, but also bespoke, to both individuals and organisations.

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WorkWise Wellness

Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness.