Sustainable Wellbeing Initiatives

Enhancing resilience, productivity and lifestyle in
organisations, education and communities

Sustainable Wellbeing Initiatives

Enhancing resilience, productivity and lifestyle in
business, education and communities

Our consultative approach introduces healthy choices, establishing and enhancing your strengths as well as introducing new concepts to drive effectiveness. Every organisation is different – as a result our solutions are bespoke to your given needs. We understand that your success is dependent on everyone working effectively. 

Promoting sustainable wellbeing initiatives...


Using structured metrics and diligence, we objectively review your current situation to give clear, independent guidance and assessment.

Make a Plan

Our plan will align with your overall vision and strategy. It will be bespoke – we offer a realistic outline aimed at embracing the desire for  results.


Our programs are delivered only by the best people – always inspiring and engaging. They encompass Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing.

Sharing effective Wellbeing initiatives is at the heart of what we do.

The most compelling motivation for us is the results…

Mapping Mental Health for Managers

“A really worthwhile and timely two and half hours – it flew by. Great session and really valued the dialogue, perspective and share from everyone in the group.”

Learning & Development Organisation

Wellbeing Webinar

“Really enjoyed the blend of content – slides, video, answers in chat and breakout.”

Learning & Development Organisation

Team Wellbeing Day

“I loved the experience. Well thought out and the facilitators made the experience interactive and enjoyable. They took our personalities into consideration to challenge our thinking, or to compliment it. Well balanced and put together. I hope we use them again.”

Creative Marketing Agency

Mental Health Awareness in Person

“ The course was well timed, sometimes on courses there is a feeling of having to rush through to get to the end, but this one was exceptionally well managed in this respect.”

Professional Services

MHFA in Person

“ An excellent course. Everyone who attended was very much engaged. We wanted knowledge and confidence to be able to support people with mental health difficulties and that’s precisely what the course delivered.”

Wildlife Trust

Global Webinar

“I think the various options for feedback and interaction really made this session feel more connecting to my colleagues.”

Pharmaceutical Company

Wellbeing Webinar

“Really useful overview of stress, how to deal with it without it becoming a negative. Great webinar – very inspirational and encouraging.”

Leading Law Firm

We're in good company. Our clients include...

We're in good company. Our clients include...

Wellbeing Resources

The latest wellbeing research blended with practical application. Our resources offer insight that you can introduce to your every day. Simply click the link below to view our latest selection.

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WorkWise Wellness

Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness.