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The latest wellbeing research blended with practical application. Our resources offer insight that you can introduce to your every day. Remember, it’s the small consistent commitments that have a massive long term impact.

Therapeutic Strategies

There are many different types of counselling and therapy approaches available.
We’ve put together a resource to help increase your awareness and understanding when supporting colleagues, friends and family.

Sleep Resource

Sleep! We often complain that we don’t get enough of it.
For many of us it serves as a barometer to our mood, mental health and general performance. How to build healthy habits to support this essential component to our wellbeing.

Caring for the Carer

Many of us are in a position of caring for others, often navigating the role without a professional skill set per say. The role of a carer is often 24/7 and demands a certain level of resilience.
To support others well, it is vital to look after yourself.

Our chosen charity for the year is...

BEAT – the UK’s eating disorder charity. Founded in 1989 as the Eating Disorders Association, the charity’s mission is to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. We share the vision of an end to the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. 

Case Study

1. The Challenge

Global leader in learning and development solutions.


Whilst developing their wellbeing strategy, the pandemic unfolded. Suddenly, aware of the anxiety and stress these dramatic changes and challenges posed individually and as an organisation, it became apparent external expertise was needed to successfully support peoples’ needs.

The key aim – to destigmatise mental health encouraging positive outcomes, in an open and supportive culture.

A toolkit was needed for people to be as strong as they can be and to give them the confidence to seek the help.

2. The Solution

The Next Phase

The search began for a wellbeing partner, Workwise Wellness were already providing content on the employee engagement app Engage4 – developed by Insights’ sister company, Vidatec.

The team felt an instant synergy with our warm, flexible, and understanding approach and they quickly became a trusted partner.  The project was introduced through their people function. Understanding it may be a difficult topic, offered people the option to suggest subjects to cover, to join the sessions and contribute, or just listen to the recording afterwards to appeal to our global population.”

Yvonne MacPhee said “Leigh McKay who led our initial interactions asked us some really pertinent, insightful questions which led to constructive and collaborative conversations about the best way forward. It never felt like a one size fits all offering.” She continued “An employee survey gave our people a voice asking for a focus on mental health, which opened the door for valuable engagement.”

3. The Outcome

Delivering Success

The impact has been overwhelmingly positive. The Mental Health Management sessions shared by Work Wise were particularly impactful, overcoming the concern of asking the right questions, knowing that whatever the answer they could effectively lead people through the right channels to help.

Yvonne “We saw an upturn in engagement on our Employee Assistance Programme, which we see as hugely positive, and people have felt able to share they have accessed counselling and CBT sessions via their private healthcare”.

“We recently ran a different Men’s’ Mental Health session and some have proudly shared on social media their thanks at working in an environment where this is possible”.

“We know life is constantly changing for people and the business with employee influx and promotion, so plan to run sessions every 6 months to ensure wellbeing remains firmly embedded in our culture”.

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