Welcome to our WorkWise Wellness News Update for December 2018!

This last quarter has been a busy and exciting times for Work Wise Wellness. We’ve enjoyed spending time in the Financial Services Industry. Rethinking working practices and opening the conversation around the likes of Wellbeing has been well received in what is a deadline driven, pressurised environment. The recognition that tired, stressed, unhappy employees make for lowered productivity and efficiency and overall morale – a driver for action.

Our work with Secondary Schools continues to grow. We have continued to work with Teachers sharing Emotional Resilience insight as well as supporting the likes of a Wellbeing hub offering helpful resources. The New Year sees more courses amongst parents too. Mental health of our youth is a spiralling crisis. We believe having Teachers and Parents/Guardians recognising signs and symptoms of mental health problems, coping strategies and wellbeing insight is essential not only as support figures but also in role modelling resilience to our youth too.

November saw us returning to work with a team of executives on their “away experience”. They opted for a beautiful venue on the English coastline, just in time for National Stress Awareness day. Leadership is complex. Often leaders think they are too busy to take a break away. Having the physical and mental headspace in a different environment – so valuable for self-reflection and re-establishing purpose.

Taking time out to slow down and be still is so empowering – surging creativity and energy levels. To this end, Wellness tourism is a record growing industry and one of the trends to watch over the upcoming years. Now, we hardly choose to go on holiday to feel unwell but imagine choosing a destination that focuses on fuelling your rejuvenation. Keep an eye out for Mindful Safaris, Wellness villages and destinations geared to nurturing feeling well. Looking forward to experiencing a destination at the beginning of December and sharing the experience….

We work with business large and small, communities and individuals. If you’d like to hear more about our services we’d welcome a chat.