The tail-end of last year saw us collaborating with Jules Murray and Karen Morton of Spider on the Wall in offering a Beyond Brexit Breakfast for the hospitality sector. We were overwhelmed with the response and were booked to full capacity. Sharing challenges within the industry amongst likeminded people proved to be a success. As a group we discussed ways to make the industry more alluring and think creatively about tackling the challenges faced by Brexit. Stephen Browne from PWC offered invaluable insight as did Mark Elwig from Staff Heroes. We were delighted to contribute and offer Wellbeing insight specific to the hospitality sector. The next breakfast is set to go ahead – dates and venue will be shared soon.



We were thrilled to be asked to be contributors to Ashley Kate HR News Centre. As part of the Nicholas Associates Group, Ashley Kate HR offer HR and Finance recruitment helping professionals take their careers to the next level. HR are well positioned to influence Wellbeing within a business so we were delighted when approached and asked to share wellbeing insight. Take a look at the article: “Wellbeing in the workplace: no longer a nice to have a need to have”



At the beginning of the year one of our goals was to make a difference in working towards lowering statistics around Ill Mental Health. We believe Resilience training offers the foundation to fostering positive mental health. Our training continues to grow in the workplace – offered in workshop style. Through demand we have created an e-learning option to reach remote or fragmented teams too.

A key area where we would like our presence to grow is the education sector – specifically schools. Ultimately, we want to equip our children with resilience tools – doing this means adopting a triage approach having parents, teachers and children in the loop. We are delighted to be working with a large secondary school. We have created a Wellbeing Hub populated with information and guidance for Parents. Collaboration around this continues and we are excited to be growing the list of contributors. The next couple of months sees us offering emotional resilience training to the teaching staff and parents. 



We are proud to be members of The Adaptive Intelligence Group. The group brings together a concoction of talent dedicated to helping organisations, their leaders and their staff make wiser decisions more often. We believe that people working in diverse inclusive cultures are the ones who deliver high performance. We promote a high-performance culture outcomes including higher engagement, motivated talent, loyal customers and ultimately increased profit. Who wouldn’t want this for their organisation. Adaptive Intelligence Group

Thank you for taking the time to read our update.

Stay Well,

Leigh McKay