1. Zoom out of Stress – our training scheduled for April continues remotely
  2. Mental Health First Aid Invite
  3. Remote Working Resource

Keep your teams connected through learning

Undoubtedly Covid-9 will effect all of us in some way. For teams who are grounded or working from home, there is no greater time than now for sharing schedules, work-in-progress and remaining connected. In challenging times maintaining team cohesiveness is crucial.

To this end all of our scheduled work with our clients to support National Stress Awareness Month in April is going ahead.

How are we doing this?
We have split the session up into 4 bite sized 45 minute sessions
Teams will meet online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom

In fact we find this way of learning very favourable – sharing shorter insights over a period of time really helps to embed information and also gives you the chance to reflect and try things out in-between sessions.

Another consideration is Learning new things helps promote positive Mental Health.

The good news … we have some spaces left so if you would like to sign your team up then we would welcome working with you. If you’d like an overview of what we cover or to sign up please get in touch: leigh@workwisewellness.co.uk

Mental Health First Aid Training

We have a one day Mental Health Training day going ahead next Friday the 20th of March. Whilst we work with companies globally, this session is particularly special as it is within my community which is Ascot, Berkshire.

To date we have some private individuals, business owners, school teachers and police personnel attending. This course is open to everyone and there are a few places left. If you’d like to find out more about joining us please do get in touch: leigh@workwisewellness.co.uk

Remote Working Resource

We talk to lots of HR Directors and Business Owners. We had a Remote Working resource shared with us and thought it would be selfish to keep it to ourselves. It is in it’s original format, was sponsored by the Cabinet Office and development facilitated by BSI Standards Limited. We will most likely develop a resource out of this focusing on the Wellbeing aspect, however a copy in it’s original format may be timely.

Thanks for reading and stay well,

Leigh McKay