Welcome to this guest article on Mindfulness:

So in definition, what is mindfulness?

It’s basically the practice of being consciously aware in the present moment, without judging your experience. It’s about being ‘mindful’ of every detail in the here and now. This helps us reconnect with the simplicity of life, by living in the moment. By achieving this state of awareness, we can enjoy a sense of peace within. The beauty of this practice is that it can literally transform the way you experience your life. You don’t need any special tools to practice it – and just your present moment will do. Mindfulness is scientifically backed to help reduce stress, improve compassion and even help your performance in the workplace.

What Mindfulness Is Not

You might be worried that mindfulness is just too ‘out there’ for you. But despite its ties to Buddhism, you don’t need to be religious to practice mindfulness and you definitely don’t have to be travelling on some sort of spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Mindfulness is really just a concentration exercise. It’s about focusing your mind on the present moment, without worrying about the future or the past. Plus there’s no right or wrong way to do things when it comes to mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Can you remember the last time you relaxed without any distractions? For most of us, being mindful might seem almost counter intuitive. We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with distractions. Mobile phones, social media and email notifications have become a natural part of everyday life. It’s rare that we find a moment for ourselves, but have you ever considered how this stops you from enjoying the present moment? How do these distractions stop you from fully experiencing the simple joys of life? Whilst it may be difficult at first, practicing the art of mindfulness can significantly improve the way we experience our lives. Sure, it takes time to hone your skills, but with practice, it’s worth it. The other thing to note is that no-one ever really masters mindfulness. It’s an on-going practice – and you never stop learning.

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