The Role: Positive Mental Health Promoter and Advocate

Salary: Write your own salary plus benefits plus pension

Hours: Full Time


The successful candidate will continuously prioritise wellbeing for themselves and develop awareness of the 6 key wellbeing contributors:

1.      Mental Health: Keep a check on your stress levels; develop emotional literacy and continually carry out tasks to maintain healthy self-esteem.

2.      Physical Health: Developing rituals and routines to support a good night’s sleep will be important to you as will keeping active and fuelling with nutritious food.

3.      Achieving Balance: Peak performance means working hard and achieving objectives but also including some restoration time. Keeping an eye on a balance– a skill constantly under development.

4.      Purpose and Meaning: Having clear goals and aspirations and knowing exactly how you contribute to your team is important.

5.      Happy Talk: The ability to get along with others in your team; rapport building skills; encouraging trust and safety a must

6.      Health of your Wealth: Tracking your expenditure and keeping a realistic budget so as to develop an investment strategy will contribute to your overall wellbeing.

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