Stress as most of us know it is portrayed negatively and for good reason when we look at the adverse side affects and the statistics that support it.

“In 2015/2016 Stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health” HSE


Actually not all stress is bad and is key to our survival. A little “good stress” gives us the energy and motivation to meet our daily challenges. The problems come in when we are faced with an abundance of bad stressors over a period of time. This is when all the side effects kick in like high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia and anxiety to name a few. We can find ourselves in an insurmountable position of not being able to cope and perhaps even burning out.

Developing self awareness around this subject as well as weaving “wellbeing habits” into your everyday are key to preventing us from getting to this stage. Wellbeing practice is something that needs to be ongoing and consistent for it to be truly beneficial. Ironically when times are tough and we are “under the cosh” this can be the first thing to fall away. Sleep goes out the window, we eat on the run and fitting in that regular exercise ceases.

From personal experience and feedback from clients, during pressurising times approaching Wellbeing like a science and even having a daily checklist not only keeps you on track but helps you maintain energy, focus and remain well.

My next 8 weeks sees a time period packed with positive stress and positive outcomes for myself and my family. The key for me will be keeping it manageable and positive. Our three children are respectively preparing for important exams: GCSE’s; Mock GCSE’s and Year 6 SATS. My work is busier than ever and we have some exciting projects on the horizon (hooray!) To spice things up we have an imminent house move.

With Wellbeing knowledge and a team of insightful associates I am in the privileged position of having a long list of wellbeing competencies (20) available to me.

Today I will share three. I will be paying close attention to these amongst others, not only for myself but encouraging it at home too, with the hope of impacting my children.

1.      Sleep

“The average person in the UK is under-sleeping by about an hour a night, losing the equivalent of an entire night’s sleep a week.” RSPH

Sleep not only plays importance on our physical health but impacts our mental and emotional state too. Good quality sleep offers a time for your body to restore and prepare for the next day. For your children this time is not only restorative but essential for growth and development. For tips on developing good sleep routine our resource is still available to download at

2.      Nutrition

“Deadlines and pressurized times aside, our pace of life and busy society offers a recipe for an energy crisis.”

Having spent a dose of time with a High Performance associate recently including good nutrition makes so much sense not just physically but impacting on the mental and emotional too. Fuel your body with energy first thing with breakfast, eat little and often, pack in the nutrients and an array of colour. Have some fun with this and get the kids involved. Green smoothie concoctions in our kitchen will continue to be encouraged more than ever.

3.      Recovery

“For athletes, recovery time to strengthen, repair and restore is crucial for optimum performance. We are no different.”

With a busy period ahead adrenalin is set to be soaring in our systems. Finding time to calm this response and switch off is key for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Prioritise and schedule your recovery time not only on weekends but a daily basis. Whilst my teenagers don’t seem to have a problem lounging about “recovering” whilst looking at their phones – including some technology free switch off time will be beneficial for them.

Outcomes of prioritising Wellbeing

–         Impacts me, my stress levels and my health

–         Influences and helps my children’s wellbeing

–         Role models resilient behaviour and practice to my kids

–         Maintains my performance for new and existing clients

–         Helps me find balance between home and work

I’m prepared! Bring it on!

If you have a challenging or transitional time ahead or if you are finding that stress is spiralling out of control, we would welcome sharing more competencies with you.

Stay Well,

Leigh McKay