You can choose how you feel


FEAR is one of the strongest core emotions. Emotion works sub consciously, yet affects our outward behaviour. So Fear not only affects us mentally but can affect us physically too.

This insight has transpired following the recent EU Referendum and the range of emotions we have seen portrayed in the media. Whether you voted in or out, the reality of change has potentially triggered this powerful emotion.

Fear is so useful when it comes to life threatening situations, however when we are in a state of fear very regularly the physical and emotional affects can be detrimental. You may recognise this emotion in your outward behaviour; it can affect your concentration levels, eating habits, drinking habits, sleep and overall happiness.

Some practical first steps in developing awareness around this:

  1. Recognise the emotion
  2. Where do you feel it in your body
  3. Acknowledge it – don’t deny it

Accepting these emotions are an important part of Mental Health – suppressing them can be unhealthy.

Lastly, consider a relaxation technique that works for you. Whether it is reading, running, yoga, spending time with family … Fulfilling an activity that works for you sparks your positive emotional response.

Be Well,

Leigh McKay