Action for Happiness

What a wonderful resource Action for Happiness has compiled in these challenging times.

Altruism definition: If your behaviours are altruistic, you show concern for the happiness and welfare of other people rather than for yourself.
Synonyms: Selfless; Generous; Humanitarian; Charitable

I think you will agree, there could never be a greater time to support each other. DOWNLOAD my copy

Wellbeing Webinar Series

Our Wellbeing Webinar series is gaining momentum. Current times offer unpresented challenges for many and facilitating ways for staff to self-empower could never be more important.


  • Learn practical wellness tools and support to navigate uncertain times and ongoing – empower individuals to take ownership.
  • Come together as a group for shared discussion – benefit from shared focus and creating connection.
  • Listen to what others are experiencing – lowering isolation and loneliness.
  • The opportunity to build Wellbeing habits and accountability option too.

Some interesting feedback is how valuable the time in coming together to talk about this content has been so well received.

If you’d like to find out more please do get in touch.

Meantime, stay safe and well.

Leigh McKay