From tragedy, adversity and challenging times comes tremendous sadness and grief. We are also forced to challenge our norms, the consequences of which are sometimes a new perspective.

Mental Health – opening up the conversation

Covid-19 has given us the permission to talk about Mental Health. As we all now Mental Ill Health knows no barriers or boundaries. Anxiety as an example, is something that we have all undoubtedly experienced in the past few weeks and suddenly we find ourselves having a collective conversation.

“Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders worldwide” WHO

Online discussion done safely, opens up this conversation allowing people to contribute or simply sit and listen from the safety of their own home. For me it has been extraordinary and very meaningful to hear discussions from all corners of the world; appreciating the diversity, enormity and overlapping meaning of this topic. We all have Mental Health – let’s keep these conversations going and build on the collective.

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