Wellness in Education

Increasing wellbeing awareness throughout a school, college or university promotes an educational environment where students, teachers and lecturers can thrive.

Mapping Mental Health

In Education

For teachers and lecturers. Lecturers and teachers who increase their knowledge of mental health benefit from taking care of themselves but also role modelling wellbeing behaviours to students. Their role comes with high pressure and huge responsibility so knowing stress signals and guidance to appropriate support is beneficial.

Wellbeing Initiatives

In Education

For teachers and lecturers. We work with your teams in the education sector, encouraging healthy habits as a lifestyle. We do this through interactive webinars or in person.

We offer a wide range of topics to fulfil a holistic approach. These are each delivered by respective team specialists.

Knowing me, Knowing you

My next steps…

A new program for school leavers. Whatever pathway young adults choose to take when leaving school, having the tools to manage one’s own mental health and bolster resilience can only be a good thing. Positioned by a University Professor, Wellbeing Expert and a well-known “Influencer” this training takes on a whole new meaning.

Thank you so much again for coming to talk to us as part of our Team Development Day. I felt very fortunate to have your expertise shared within our team. I’m looking forward to hearing the habits everyone is thinking of doing.

Emma Tennant, Owner and Director

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Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness.