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Wellness in Schools and Communities

Schools have a pivotal role in supporting students to make healthy lifestyle choices and to understand the benefits of lifelong health and wellbeing. There are well researched links between wellbeing and positive academic performance. In support of developing student’s, the foundation sits with teachers and parents. Having an integrated approach encourages a wellbeing culture.

Parents’ Resilience

We all want to raise kids who are happy, healthy and who manage to negotiate life’s challenges well. Preparing them to thrive through good and bad times means being resilient yourself. Psychological research shows that children often grow up to reflect our behaviours, beliefs and habits. Nothing we say is as important as what children see us doing daily. Learn healthy coping strategies and habits to look after yourself and inspire your kids.

Teachers’ Resilience

Key to outstanding teaching and learning.

  • Be able to call on physical and emotional reserves.
  • Manage stress levels and reduce the risk of burn out.
  • Take care of emotional vulnerability
  • Practical protective self-awareness factors

Wellbeing Hub

A resource to positively influence and support parents and students.

  • Branded as your school
  • A collection of researched insights in one place, informed and created by experts
  • Updated every couple of weeks with downloadable resources to put into action

Wellbeing Day

 Inspire staff and make an impact.

  • Share a holistic offering which means there is something for everyone (Physical, mental and emotional)
  • Increase staff engagement
  • Educate staff with actionable wellbeing insight to encourage ongoing healthy choices
  • Inject the fun factor spurring improved morale

Seated Acupressure Massage

Hands on therapy to improve wellbeing.

  • Improve flow of energy
  • Increase circulation
  • Release tension
  • Reduce Stress
  • Boost staff morale

Talks and Seminars

Raise awareness and education in wellbeing and mental health at your school or as part of an event. Through our expertise and insight shared gain enthusiasm and commitment from your audience.


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