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Escape a holiday health slump

Have you ever geared up for a holiday only to arrive and fall unwell? Word has it: "Leisure Sickness" is a phrase first used by Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhiets. Whilst there is not a huge amount of research on this it could be that the statistics remain low and it...

The Arts and positive Mental Health

Word has it: Activities like painting, dancing and creativity could help in addressing society's pleasure-seeking obsessions and boost mental health and behaviour when it comes to our overall health. As a society, we look for quick happiness hits like gambling,...

“Bottoms up” H20!

Lent has been and gone - it meant something different to each of us. For some it’s the chocolate and the Easter eggs. For Christians there is the religious importance and the celebration of new life. For believers and non-believers perhaps lent was a time for fasting...

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