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What does Resilience mean for Charters?

We all want our children to be healthy, happy individuals. Simple steps shared with our children can promote mental, emotional and physical resilience. With resilience comes curiosity, optimism and a growth mindset.

Let’s encourage some positive habits and small changes to achieve a lifestyle of wellbeing.

Current Downloadable Resource - 5 Ways to support your "quarenteenager"

The lockdown has been especially tough on teenagers – deprived of their friends, unsure about their exams, worried about job prospects in a post-pandemic economy.

For many, who thrive on predictability and routine, and who need constant reassurance as they grow in emotional maturity and approach adulthood, it doesn’t look good; sometimes it looks overwhelming.

Priory child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg shares ways we can offer support.

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If you are feeling distressed regarding mental health for yourself or another person, initial options to consider are to speak to a friend or consult your GP. Additional helpful resources are: