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Wellness at Work

We spend a third of our lives in the workplace. What better opportunity than to empower people to take ownership of their wellbeing. The results are noticed in performance and team dynamics not to mention your business bottom line.

Wellbeing Strategy & Consulting

Review your existing or implement a Wellbeing Strategy to align with your overall business objectives. Seeing a return on your wellbeing investment is not only of financial importance but rewarding when it makes a helpful difference to your people too.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health training in the workplace grows awareness, understanding and helps diminish stigma. Infiltrating all aspects of your business means you will develop a culture where conversations are possible, work becomes part of recovery and you retain people.

1-2-1 Wellbeing Reviews

Time spent with individual team members to gauge levels of wellbeing is time well spent. These objective reviews consider whole person approach. The resultant report has shown to identify themes of strength and recommendations for focus.

Wellbeing Initiatives

We work with your team encouraging healthy sustainable habits as a lifestyle. through interactive webinars or in person. Check out the different areas we cover, each delivered by respective team specialists. Can you notice our holistic approach?

The search began for a wellbeing partner, WorkWise were already providing content on the employee engagement app Engage4 (developed by Vidatec). The team felt an instant synergy with the warm, flexible and understanding approach of WorkWise – they quickly became a trusted partner. They asked us some really pertinent and insightful questions which led to constructive and collaborative conversations about the best way forward. It never felt like a one size fits all offering. 


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WorkWise Wellness

Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness.