Why we are different...

What sets WorkWise Wellness apart?

Our team are highly competent and experts within their respective fields, always maintaining high standards. They are dedicated to their respective professions providing value above and beyond in the form of commitment and talent. Whilst credentials are high on our list, wisdom gained through experience is even higher.

Our difference

Our approach is not only measurable, but bespoke to your needs. No two organisations are the same – what we offer is unique and dynamic. We are not all things to everyone and avoid a scattergun approach. Instead our style is concise and objective driven.

What is important to us

Keeping in touch with our organisational values is what is important to us.

What are our values? We are considerate and honest with our clients and with each other. Whilst professionalism is a big deal to us – we like to have fun! Humour in the workplace for us means increased creativity. Lastly we practice what we preach in terms of Wellbeing and effective workplace communication.

Get in touch with us...

If you would like to find out more about our different wellness programs or how WorkWise can help you, your business and your employees, please get in touch.


What does working with WorkWise Wellness mean?

We are conscientious about what we do and we will offer you our dedicated commitment. When it comes to wellbeing we like to emphasise corporate, social and individual responsibility. By doing this means we can not only improve statistics to support health, wellbeing and productivity, but enhance day to day, moment to moment experiences too.

For You

Improved group dynamics
Reduced absenteeism
Retain Team members
Increased profitability
Get the best out of your team

For Your Team

Improved morale
Stress resolution
Better group dynamic
Buy into your company ethos
Increased productivity

For Us

Happy clients
Empowering people emotionally, mentally and physically
Living our values through our work  Helping others is fulfilling for us

Our founder, Leigh McKay

Leigh advocates that a workplace and community that promotes wellbeing can have a positive impact on everyone’s physical, mental and emotional health. To encourage this culture her approach is a holistic one although the main area of personal expertise is emotional resilience.

A BSc (hons) specialising in psychology fuelled her interest in behaviour and the influence of wellbeing on performance. Qualified as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

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Tel: 07880 326 3039

Email: info@workwisewellness.co.uk

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WorkWise Wellness

Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness.