Work Wise Wellness Solutions

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Work Wise promotes sustainable wellbeing initiatives within organisations and communities. We encourage increased productivity and enhance meaningful occupation and lifestyle through wellbeing awareness. We understand that your success is dependent on everyone working effectively.

The way we think and feel affects our wellbeing. Research shows that people with high levels of wellbeing are more resilient on a mental, physical and emotional level.The past saw many believing that our levels of wellbeing and resilience was something inherited. Recent studies show that some of this comes down to genetic make-up but actually a large percentage is influenced by us and the decisions we make. Making healthy choices in our attitude and actions can lead to overall improvement.

Our consultative approach introduces healthy choices, establishing and enhancing your strengths as well as introducing new concepts to drive effectiveness. Every organization is different – as a result our solutions are bespoke to your given needs.

There are many facets to a fully integrated, successful wellbeing strategy.

The outcomes include:

  • Strategic and targeted approach
  • Encourage knowledge layering
  • Embed learning and new habits
  • Make wellbeing part of your everyday culture
  • Long term sustainability


We objectively review your current situation, using our carefully structured metrics, diligence and creativity. We offer clear, independent guidance and assessment.

Make A Plan

The plan we devise will align with your overall vision and strategy. Moreover it is bespoke – we offer a realistic outline aimed at embracing the desire for results.


Our programs are delivered by only the best – always inspiring and engaging. They encompass Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing.

“My staff thoroughly enjoyed your Wellness Day. They returned to the office positive, energetic and raring to go!”
Keeley Richardson, Hope & Gloria

Take our Wellbeing Self-Assessment

This tool uses WEMWBS, a scale which is often used by scientists and psychologists to measure wellbeing. To get your wellbeing score, go through the statements and tick the box that best describes your thoughts and feelings over the last two weeks.



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